The parent company to Zilkha Biomass Fuels I,
NextGen Biomass Technologies is dedicated to developing green carbon fuel solutions


Produce Zilkha Black® Pellets

NextGen Biomass Technologies owns the patents for Zilkha Black® Pellets, a viable and sustainable fuel alternative to traditional fuel sources.

Develop Green Carbon Energy Alternatives

We help energy providers transition to green carbon fuel alternatives that integrate directly into existing supply chains and that significantly reduce net carbon emissions.

Project Management Solutions

We offer project management solutions for pellet producers with both greenfield/brownfield plant designs and training solutions.


Explore the Selma Black Pellet Plant

Our worldwide, full-scale Black Pellet production plant with utility scale international deliveries.

Closeup of a heap of small wood chips in a vertical image.

Energy Advantages of Biomass

Biomass is the world’s oldest and most efficient natural renewable energy source.

Zilkha Black® Pellets: A Sustainable Energy Solution